Thursday, July 25, 2013

Beverly Bounce House aka @RealBigBaby HGB INTERVIEW

Beverly Bounce House aka @RealBigBaby recently drop a new album so... HEAVYGUNBLOG had to ask...

HeavyGunBlog: How did you come up with the album name "BEVERLY TIMECOP"?

Beverly Bounce House: I wanted to release some songs i really liked from last year but i yelled "It's 2012!" in them a lot. So i came up with the concept of an album that was a meditation on time. I wanted to ask the audience if it really mattered when a song was created. It seems to me that people only want to listen to new things or something that has aged ten or more years. I also wanted to yell about the nature of time and basic zen stuff which i hope isn't too preachy. I honestly just think the name Beverly Timecop is really funny.

HGB: If this album was a plate of food what would you be serving up?

BBH: a fresh spinach salad with salmon and almonds in it and an old slice of cold pizza.

HGB: Fill in the blank
If not for artist like... (BBH) "Kool Kieth" I would not have been able to make this album.

HGB: What Drug goes best with this album "BEVERY TIMECOP"?

BBH: Awareness

HGB: Name 6 Midwest Artist that come to mind

BBH: Oh man there are so many, off the top of my head: Kansas Bible Company, Firemoose, Chud, Andy D, Grey Granite, King Sadness, Cazz VI, Aaron Jennings, Tom Con, Kevin Nichols, Kid Valiant, not sure if kid valiant counts as midwest. i want to list so many. i know i am forgetting important peoples.

HGB: Hahaha yea thats a hard one

HGB: The simpsons, family guy, futurama or…?

BBH: Simpsons

HGB: Keeping it Classic huh.

HGB: You had an album called "Sorry Mom" and on this album you mention her again, what does she think about your music and how would she describe what you do?

BBH: My mother has been nothing but supportive of me. I am very grateful. This is probably why I am so concerned about disappointing her. oh but she hates my tunes tho.

HGB: damn she hates the music??? mega womp, she'll come along.

HGB: If you had your own label who would be the 1st and 2nd artist on the roster?

BBH: Oh man, I have so many friends i would want to hook up. I would probs sign The Chode (aka Zack Worcel). I want to see all my dudes succeed. I would also love to see FLACO and 80zdad with a deal as a duo.

HGB: Do you have a favorite song on Timecop?

BBH: Yes. My favorite song is Lament Configuration produced by Thursty Moore. He's an artist with Dr. Hemp records in Brixton. I've never met him but he really hooked me up on that beat.

HGB: Whats next for Beverly Bounce House?

BBH: I am moving to to NYC in august TO B W THE MOST WUNDERFUL GRL IN THE WOLRDS. I am currently working on a community access tv show called Kroodz World. And I may have a cassette or two out on Turd Wurld, my friend Kora's tape label, by the end of the summer.

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