Sunday, July 21, 2013

"HGWLD"-TXTBOOK EP (Pre-order)

HeavyGun's very own TXTBOOK is releasing his EP "HGWLD" on July 23rd, and for the occasion he and Heyzues (co founder of DYOG) have made 50 hand packaged/numbered physical copies for sale online here

Everyone who orders will be placed in a drawing for a special RED edition of HGWLD that contains 3 extra secret remixes and an original drawing from the artist behind the packaging Heyzues!! This will be done at RANDOM.

1.Intro (DYOG Anthem)
2.Red Eye feat Cadillac Duke
3.HGWLD feat G.Granite and Auggie the 9th
4.The $TEEL
5.The Bluebird in a Trash Can feat John Stamps
6.The Sargent feat Cadillac Duke, Ajene tha. God, and Sirius Blvck
7.Holden feat Azieb Abraha
8.I Can Be

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