Tuesday, September 3, 2013

HeavyGunBlog INTERVIEW w/ Big Chief Green #GhostTown

Big Chief Green aka CG the illest of #GhostTown just drop his 1st solo album so you know HeavyGunBlog had to pick is brain!

HG: So the album has been out for a little bit now, do you feel like people understand what you bring to the rap game?
CG: I feel like people defiantly vibe with SleepyCityDream. I was honestly surprised by how well it's been received, Ive been shown a lot of love from the city and even a few people around the world. When I was recording sleepy city dream I never imagined people in Paris would been hitting me up telling they really like what I'm doing. 

HG: What song was your favorite to record off of this album and why?
CG: In all honesty I have two,  DrugDealerMistress and Greenhouse Effect. I just really like the vibe of both and they came together really well and sound awesome.
HG: Favorite decade of music?
CG: I'm a big fan of late 60s early 70s rock and R&B. I like to cool out and listen to my guy Curtis Mayfield.

Favorite coast for music? 
CG: This is a tough question for me. I like the lyrical elements of east cost hip hop, yet I also like the laid back flow of west coast hip hop, and the banging beats of the south. I feel like the currently the Midwest is building something that is combining all those elements and adding its own flavor to the game. 

Name 2 blogs that you check often
CG: HeavyGunBlog and Bringing Down The Band  
HG: What was your biggest inspiration or motivation for this album?
CG: I just wanted to make some trill music that could be respected by both sides of Indianapolis. 

HG: If you were to submit ONE song off this album for the radio, which would it be?
Greenhouse Effect just because it offers a message that Indianapolis needs right now. Stay positive, stay elevated and you can accomplish what you want to. 

HG: Nationally speaking, who would be your ideal tour mates for this album(dead or alive)?CG: Ghost Town HeavyGun tour sounds pretty dope to me.

HG: What's one thing you want to do before summer is officially over?
CG: I want to hear my mixtape bumped in every Slab rolling around on 38th St. That would be a dream come true for me.
HG:  Name 6 Indy artists that come to mind
CG: Grey Granite, Sirius Blvck, DeathMetal Vynne, Grizz, Ajene Tha God, Pope Adrian Bless

HG: Who is this album for?
CG: This album is for anyone who's ever had a dream they believed in a dream  even when everyone doubted them. 

HG: Where is the best place for people to find your music and show info?
CG: Hit mr up on twitter @cgtheillest or Facebook @bigchief green Also check out my soundcloud page http://soundcloud.com/sleepycitydream


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