Friday, September 13, 2013

#JBBB5 Producer Spotlight: @TyjuanOnTheBeat

J.Brookinz Beat Battle 5 Spotlight | Tyjuan On The Beat

JB - How do you describe your producer style?
Tyjuan - I don't really have a style when I make beats. I just make what ever comes out of me. One day I might want to make a R&B beat, the next day I might want to make a beat with a little jazz in it. Most of the time I like to sample, but other than that I don't have a style.
JB - Who are your Top 5 Producers ever?
Tyjuan - Man, there are so many producers who I think are very talented. But my top 5 producers are Kanye West, Pharrell, Timbaland, Hit-Boy, and Hudson Mohawke.
JB - What's the last beat that you heard that you wish you made and why?
Tyjuan - The last beat I've heard was "Higher Ground" by TNGHT. That beat is so crazy and dope to me because at the beginning of the beat I was like "What the hell is this?" and when the beat drops, I went crazy. The 808's on that beat is so sick and the sample to top it all off, is so dope. I wish I made that beat because it's so different from what I've heard. That crazy sample with the hi-hats will get you so hype if you heard it at a club or something haha.
JB - If you could only play one track of yours to best represent you to a new listener what would it be? Can we hear it online? (we should be able to hear it online)
Tyjuan - It would be this track I made with G-Scott a year ago called "Falling Up". That's really the first song that the people really know me from.
JB - Do you have a strategy for the battle or do you just go and play beats? If you do have a strategy what is it?
Tyjuan - Well, this is the first beat battle I'm going to. So for me being the new kid out of Indianapolis making beats, I want to bring something fresh and new to the table. I'm going to bang out the best beats I could ever make. I do have a strategy though. Each round will be a better beat. I don't want to just play anything, the beats have to be perfect.
The 5th Annual J.BROOKINZ BEAT BATTLE will be SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 28TH 6-10 pm at VICTORY MFG (933 N Lynhurst Dr 46224) /// 16 Producers will be going head to head for a Grand Prize of $500!!!! We will also have performances from some of NAPTOWNS finest Hip-Hop artists! Ask anyone in this city about this event...THIS WILL BE EPIC!!! 


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