Friday, October 10, 2014


I have been doing this hip hop thing for a long time. I have, for the most part, have always put an edm twist on it. Either rapping on beats with modulated bass lines, or just having a stronger connection with rave kids, I have stayed true to my approach for more than 10 years. I used to get a lot of ridicule for the types of music i was putting out. I knew it just wasnt time yet, and it would catch up. I had been doing that more wild style. The popularity of dubstep brought on an era that i was very proud of. I made some of my favorite music in that time. Then came EDM trap.... I was obviously a fan because it was mostly just rap beats, then it started to progress. I wanted to go that route. it was like my calling in EDM music. I wanted this certain type of beat... i tried for a couple years, explaining to producers what i wanted exactly, but everyone came up short. Then xxyyxx came out, that was it!!!!!! that was the sound I had been looking for. Down tempo sound with those higher sounding snares and fills with 808s... then lots of producers started making similar stuff. I started to hear producers like ODESZA and HIPPIE SABOTAGE and now i had something to go off of. SANGO being one of those artists that hit me in that realm, it was in the back of my mind to do one of his. at this time I knew i wanted to do a full length album, something I could put a bunch of energy into, a full body of work.CHRIS GNARLY came back into my life one night when I was opening up for cosby sweater at the vogue theatre in INDY. I was drunk and had was higher that a hippie in a helicopter that night, but i remember him yelling CHECK OUT MY NEW STUFF BLU BAMBU!!!!! it took a couple weeks for me to check it out.... i was pleasantly surprised because he was making exactly what i wanted. I am happy that happened because he produced 80% of my album. and I Love it. As much as would love to be posting a single from that, I had to get this Sango joint off real quick I HOPE YOU ENJOY IT!!!!! BUNZ

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