Monday, June 15, 2009

Fuck Music!

Jonas Brothers and Common???

I was never one to hate on serato when it came out. But playing out on a regular basis I'm tired of hearing remix after remix with fat man scoop on the vocals.The vast majority of DJs I have met don't know what the fuck those little black disk are. I don't know maybe it just been where I have been playing? I hate to sound all uppity and nostalgic but damn.I just miss the other side of DJ...the aspect of not playing already heard popular music, and finding shit no one has and just kicking it in the brotherhood of DJs. Whoever came up with "mash-up" should be shot and dragged down a stone road. Everything is wanna be electro or bmore now days. what happened to when bmore was grimey under produced-ish. I'm sorry but you are not Girl Talk so stop trying. Music is so garbage right now.I have tried for years to not say that. When was the last time you could listen to a WHOLE album??? And what happen to when a remix was a remix not just sped up or just adding Lil Wayne and 50 other motherfuckers to the SAME SONG. If I hear one more grown ass person talk about "turning their swag on" I'm going to fucking shoot them. Who fucking nows maybe I just miss this days at IU when DJ Sleeper was my next door neighbor and I could hear him scratch weird ass sounds at 3 am while I was downloading videos of DJ qbert off bearshare. I kept the laptop at home last night and broke out 8 crates of nothing but the fast ghetto-tech Detroit felt nice. It felt liberating.

Makes me want to go back to the D-city and just see 2,000 folks get flippin freaky all damn night long

*812 steps off soapbox and goes back to drinking shitting rum and listening to Dr. Octagon*



  1. Welcome to the future. Shit's changed. Get over it.

  2. Man, I wish mainstream music would stop adding lil wayne on a track & calling it a remix too!