Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Jookabox - 317 Ways Mixtape

Here's a mixtape by Jookabox (the Grampall is omitted). I might be late on this but I don't care. It's hot. I have to share. Words can't begin to describe the music on this mixtape. So just listen and go along for the ride.

1. Satan Hollered
3. Ghost (Nobody Remix f/ Bizzart)
8. Icaruss (Rusty Redenbacher f/ S.A.I.N.T. Recon)
10. Thinkin' Thoughts (f/ Castle Oldchair)
11. Finder's Keepers/John Knight Says (by Baxter McGee/Red Queen Hypothesis, sped by DJ Moo Moo)
12. Bunbop
13. Satan Texted Me

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