Saturday, September 5, 2009

Last Saturday Night Live at the Front Page

So the day is here, its the last night of partying and drinking, damn strong long islands and damn good DJs at the Page. Most of the DJs and good people I know I met there.

I remember my intro to the Front Page... I had just moved back from Cleveland, OH. I stopped through Missing Link Records. Dave aka DJ Hellhammer was working there. I had not seen that cat since my days at IU. He told me I should come though this cool little spot at Saturdays. He said him and this other dude named Metrognome were holding it down but they let other people came and showcase their talents. After a few weeks I rolled through. Little did I know was that me and Metrognome had kicked it with the same people at IU but we had never met each other! At this point I was starting to give up on DJing. Hellhammer said fuck that and gave me some tips and points and some funny jokes to boot. I spun there a few times and started to built my confidence again. Fastfoward a few years later and I'm DJing full time at massive parties. I also met my best homie 2deep and many other life long friends. Shit never last forever, but it was a fun ride.

PS If you know if any spots looking for a cool jump off on Saturdays with a nice following leave a comment or holla at DJ Metrognome

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