Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Ecogadget for Greener Gadget Competition 2009Taking bravely care of stand-by devices, this lovely bug helps saving electricity. All you have to do is to connect selected devices to it. Built-in motion sensors detect your presence in a room. If you're in, BugPlug keeps all devices on. If you're out, individually programmed timer cuts off all electrical appliances.

We wanted our BugPlug to have a figurative, kid-friendly shape inspired by urban vinyl toy culture. A series of early sketches show the variety of creatures we considered before settling on the final one. The household friend
 For all interested in eco & sustainable design TASCHEN is isssuing new book called Product Design in the Sustainable Era, where BugPlug is also showcased. Under this link you can leaf through first 100 pages of the book:

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