Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ryan Pelaez The Vison


I had been waiting for a moment to work with The Vison and when I needed dramatic, eye catching artwork for my single Colorful Mask I got my chance and, now have a chance to pick his brain.

Grey: What was the 1st step in creating this piece?
Ryan P: Besides deciding on the initial vision, the first step was coordinating the photo shoot. I worked with photographer, Donald Burlock Jr. on this project and it was a pleasure working with him. We were lucky enough to use a space that was incubated by Matty Bennett of Sequences Design. Matty allowed us to use this huge, warehouse space that had actually been renovated into a new school for children. We worked with a great model and some very talented hair, makeup and fashion designers. It was a brilliant collaboration and we had a good time.

Grey: I have seen more images from this collection what do you call these works?
Ryan P: I’ve been calling this series the “Headdress” series. More for convenience than anything else.

Grey: How do your ideas come to you?
Ryan P: You know… I’m inspired by a lot of things. Fashion, comic books, models, toys, movies, sex, graphic design, sequential art, music… the list could go on forever. I guess the inspiration for these particular pieces comes from fantasy. Heads of animals with the bodies of man. Not a new concept, really… I just hope I can bring something fresh to it. Maybe more of feminine side… maybe more color? I don’t know.

Grey: What does this piece say about you?
Ryan P: Hmmmm. I think it speaks to my desire to create images that have power. A story. I like things that are epic. I daydream about the world coming to some terrible fate and having to recruit the ultimate team to traverse the lands in order to restore normalcy. Who would I recruit? A doctor. A scientist. A warrior. A survivalist. If she existed, I’d probably recruit the bird lady from this piece. It just speaks to my imagination.

Grey: Quick Name 5 movies that inspired you to create!
Ryan P: I was a film minor so this question is fun. Let’s see: Lawrence of Arabia, 2001, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, Pee Wee’s Big Adventure and Royal Tenenbaums.

Grey: How you search for images is like how producers & djs search for records, do you like working with models or do you prefer hunting for images?
Ryan P: It’s funny that you pose the question that way. I usually tell people that I dig for images with the same passion that DJ’s dig for records and sounds. I’m often asked were I find my images. The answer is everywhere. Old books, new books, records, magazines, the internet, etc. As far as what I prefer? Working with models and other talent is a lot of fun. I like collaborating when the chemistry is right. It’s also a ton more work. Searching for images can be exhausting too… I’ve amassed a pretty big archive of images.

Grey: How do you know when its done? I am sure you could go on forever adding different pieces to your puzzle.
Ryan P: Good question. I don’t know… I just keep looking at it till it looks right. With this particular piece, I had her all done and something still didn’t look quite right. I realized that she needed something in the headpiece that gave her more movement. That’s when I added the orchid strands. Once I added those, I was satisfied.

Grey: Whats Next and where can we learn more about you?
Ryan P: I’m working on a lot of tee shirt designs right now and I’m enjoying it very much. There’s something about creating a piece and being able to put it in people’s face right away. I don’t mean that in an obnoxious way… it’s just cool to be able to get feedback and reactions right away. If I wear a shirt to a show or a party or an event, it get’s a lot more exposure a lot more quickly than waiting for a gallery show. I’m very into art as apparel right now. The reactions have been good… I’m just trying to figure out the best way to manufacture the shirts; the best way to present them and such. Keep on the lookout! I just put together an artists page on a site called “behance.” You can check my stuff at www.behance.net/theVision

1. How would you describe your style and if your style was an album what album would that be?
My style is eclectic and appreciative of all styles. Like Bruce Lee (laughs) If it were an album it would be a salsa album… an old Latin Brothers album.

2. Who would you like to work with (dead or alive)?
I’d love to work with Stanley Kubrick, Terry Richardson, David Lean, Daria Werbowy, Leinil Yu, George Lucas. Basically anybody that’s inspired me.

3. Who makes you laugh? and... What is the best beer?
Who makes me laugh? My wife Emily, my brother Evan, my pal Jeremy.
Best beer? Wow… hard. Toss up between Gulden Draak and Bell’s Sparkling Ale. I like the Belgians!

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