Tuesday, September 10, 2013

HeavyGunBlog Interview with GRIZZ aka @highestpriest

Grizz, one if the Newest and Greatest Artist out of the Midwest Just Released his 2nd Album God of the Ocean so HeavyGunBlog had a few questions about this amazing release.

HGB: How did the King of the Forest become the God of the Ocean? 
GRIZZ: KOTF and GOTO are part of a trilogy, the 3rd (which'll be dropping late December) is called Commander of the Beast Realm. And those three titles represent specific parts of my personality. KOTF is the part of me that prefers to be alone, quiet and productive, GOTO is the part of me that loves interacting and connecting with everything around me, and COTBR is the part of me that makes poor decisions, does a lot of drugs and is still, often, very angry and confused. Combine those elements and you've got me.
HGB: Wow that well thought out, you've mapped out yourself and your music timeline for the year.

HGB: If this album were a plate of food, what would you be serving up?
GRIZZ: Country-fried steak, mashed-potatoes and corn. Boom. I don't even eat meat anymore, but that sounds awesome (and accurate) right now. 

HGB: So what's with the water references?
Because we're just so motherfucking waaaaaaavvvyyyy. 

HGB: I've heard rumor of an upcoming music video... Have u seen the movie Caligula?  Did it inspire you?
GRIZZ: Haha. I haven't seen Caligula, no. But I know precisely what you're getting at. The 'Dark Eyes' video (which will be a thing very soon) will have a certain vibe to it, less Caligula, more Eyes Wide Shut, perhaps? We'll see how it goes.

HGB: If there were two things you wanted people to take away from this album, what would that be?
GRIZZ: I want the melodies to stick in your brain, and I want people to want to smoke weed to it. Honestly. Do that.

HGB: What book would you like all of your listeners to read?
GRIZZ: The Mole People: Life in the Tunnels Beneath New York City by Jennifer Toth. THAT is some wild shit. Favorite book of all time, definitely. 

HGB: If you had a label, who would be the second and fourth artists on the roster?
GRIZZ: (Let's assume all of my homies are already signed in this hypothetical scenario, otherwise this question is no fun.)
That being the case, I would sign Bashiri Asad, this incredible neo-soul-artist in the city, and Biz Strother, this local singer-songwriter-girl who has one of the most hypnotic voices I've
ever heard.
HGB: What albums are you looking forward to hearing this year?
Sirius' new full-length 'Year of the Snake', Pope Adrian Bless' 'Righteous Kill' and King God's 'Possessed Medallions'

HGB: What does God of the Oceans sound like?
GRIZZ: A panda bear.  
HGB:What is your live show like?
GRIZZ: A polar bear.

Fill in the blank
This album God of the Oceans could be the soundtrack to the movie______ 'KIDS'

HGB: If this album were an Internet meme, which one would it be?
GRIZZ: Confession Bear. Duh.

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