Wednesday, September 11, 2013

#JBBB5 Producer Spotlight: @LONEgevity

J.Brookinz Beat Battle Spotlight | LONEgevity

JB - How do you describe your producer style? 

LONE - Versatile. I make mostly grimy/soulful hip hop beats, but I have 7 or 8 instrumental albums, 2 remix albums, and many other collaborative projects that showcase other styles. I just aim to make great music.

JB - Who are your Top 5 Producers ever? 

LONE - A few of my favorite producers are Exile, J Dilla, !llmind, Nottz, and Freddie Joachim.

JB - What's the last beat that you heard that you wish you made and why?

LONE - Ha, that's actually how I gauge producers. Most recently something off of the Dag Savage "Salvation" album that Exile made. Tall Black Guy also recently flipped James Brown's "The Big Payback" really dope.

JB - If you could only play one track of yours to best represent you as a
producer to a new listener what would it be? Can we hear it online?

LONE - If I were to pick one song I produced then today I would pick "World Goes On", a remix I did for Grumpy Old Men
out of Chicago. It might be a perfect song. Still, I don't feel one piece embodies my sound and production. You can check out my website ( and find my full discography on there with links to everything I've been a part of.

JB - Do you have a strategy for the battle or do you just go and play beats?
If you do have a strategy what is it?

LONE - No matter any strategy I've had in the past, every battle anywhere ALWAYS seems to come down to who is
judging...and how they are judging. This battle has a pretty simple scheme to it: just play banging shit that sounds dope. So, my strategy this year, aside from making my competition cry on stage, is to play all new neck breaking shit and hope that the judges are competent enough to vote accordingly. I'm not trying to get put out by an 808 layered 4-bar loop,
or a few flashy drum breakdowns in an otherwise average beat, but you can only control what you bring. So, I'm going to bring it. I only join battles to win!

Sean Stuart | LONEgevity
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The 5th Annual J.BROOKINZ BEAT BATTLE will be SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 28TH 6-10 pm at VICTORY MFG (933 N Lynhurst Dr 46224) /// 16 Producers will be going head to head for a Grand Prize of $500!!!! We will also have performances from some of NAPTOWNS finest Hip-Hop artists! Ask anyone in this city about this event...THIS WILL BE EPIC!!! 


Shout out to Victory MFG and No Bad Ideas Clothing Company

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