Wednesday, September 25, 2013

#JBBB5 Producer Spotlight: @Knags

  • J.Brookinz Beat Battle Spotlight | KNags

  • JB - How would you describe your production style?

    KNags - My style of production has a heavy trap influence. I try to add elements to my beats that make them unique from everything else that you hear, while keeping them relevant.

    JB - Who are your Top 5 Producers ever?

    KNags - I don't know if I could narrow it down to top 5 ever. My top 5 at the moment though would have to be Kanye West, Lex Luger, Lindsay Lowend, Louis Futon & I really like Bones of Ghosts who does a lot of production for Sirius Blvck.

    JB - What's the last beat that you heard that you wish you made and why?

    KNags - I really am jealous of how good the song GT40 by Lindsay Lowend is. I like all the different elements it combines and just how wavy it is.

    JB - If you could only play one track of yours to best represent you to a new listener what would it be? Can we hear it online?

    KNags - My favorite track that I've ever done is one called Burn Money Marijuana. I'm doing a tape with John Stamps and Sirius Blvck called Piggy Banx that's gonna drop this fall. You can hear that track on there.
    JB - Do you have a strategy for the battle or do you just go and play beats? If you do have a strategy what is it?

    KNags - I don't really have a strategy going into it. I'm just excited to be around all the talent that there is and I'm just going to try to bring my own wave to the table.

    The 5th Annual J.BROOKINZ BEAT BATTLE will be SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 28TH 6-10 pm at VICTORY MFG (933 N Lynhurst Dr 46224) /// 16 Producers will be going head to head for a Grand Prize of $500!!!! We will also have performances from some of NAPTOWNS finest Hip-Hop artists! Ask anyone in this city about this event...THIS WILL BE EPIC!!! 

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