Wednesday, September 25, 2013

#JBBB5 Producer Spotlight | @The_Mandog

J.Brookinz Beat Battle Spotlight | Mandog

JB - How do you describe your producer style?

MD - I'd say its intensely chill most of the time. A lot of times I make beats that make rappers think they want to rap on them but then they run away scared cuz they cant handle the heat. I just try and keep the dog around. So if she gets up and leaves while I'm making a beat, I know its time to scrap it. So I guess you could say the house dog dictates my beats. But basically my stuff differs day to day. I dig, I sample, I synth, and what not. Catch me makin a banger.

JB - Who are your Top 5 Producers ever?

MD - J Dilla, Madlib, Organized Noise, Flying Lotus, RZA
JB - What's the last beat that you heard that you wish you made and why?

MD - That'll Work by The Alchemist off of Chemical Warfare. Three 6 Mafia rap on it and that beat goes hard. Get familiar and get hype.

JB - If you could only play one track to best represent you to a new listener what would it be? Can we hear it online?

MD - I'd play Dramamine. Milky Way Vandals track. Juan Blanco, Pope, and Grey Granite all rapped on it. I think it represents my sound somewhat, but that's really hard to do with one track.

JB - Do you have a strategy for the battle or do you just go and play beats?

MD - Before, I've gone in as a novice to the beat battle scene, and played a laaaayed back joint, got slaughtered by Blake Allee as I understand. (I wasn't of age so my gf had to represent me in the battle). Though I don't blame it on her. The next year, I thought I came prepared with some wicked stuff, I went pretty hard I thought. Yet I was outplayed again first round, due to relentless onslaughts of hihats and drops. This year, I know what to expect from everyone else I FEEL like.I'm doing what I need to do to out do them. That's all I'll say. I know there's lots of beast producers in this city. I'm honestly ready to bump that first round sample challenge mixtape.

The 5th Annual J.BROOKINZ BEAT BATTLE will be SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 28TH 6-10 pm at VICTORY MFG (933 N Lynhurst Dr 46224) /// 16 Producers will be going head to head for a Grand Prize of $500!!!! We will also have performances from some of NAPTOWNS finest Hip-Hop artists! Ask anyone in this city about this event...THIS WILL BE EPIC!!! 

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