Monday, September 23, 2013

#JBBB5 Producer Spotlight: Machine Gun Radio

J.Brookinz Beat Battle Spotlight | Machine Gun Radio

JB - JB - How do you describe your producer style?

MGR - It’s a dynamic blend of electro and hip-hop that we like to call Machine Gun Radio.

JB - JB - Who are your Top 5 Producers ever?
MGR - (Timbaland, Neptunes, Kanye, Portishead, Bjork)  

JB - What's the last beat that you heard that you wish you made and why?

MGR - (jack) I could’ve made those beats on Yeezus.”

JB - If you could only play one track of yours to best represent you as a producer to a new listener what would it be? Can we hear it online?

MGR - “You can hear one track here >> future ex girlfriend
The other track, Products We Love, will be released soon …
We chose these songs because they show our versatility . Shout out to the Legion of Doom!”

JB - Do you have a strategy for the battle or do you just go and play beats? If you do have a strategy what is it?

MGR “Beats beats beats…  eat eat eat … “ - Azieb


The 5th Annual J.BROOKINZ BEAT BATTLE will be SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 28TH 6-10 pm at VICTORY MFG (933 N Lynhurst Dr 46224) /// 16 Producers will be going head to head for a Grand Prize of $500!!!! We will also have performances from some of NAPTOWNS finest Hip-Hop artists! Ask anyone in this city about this event...THIS WILL BE EPIC!!! 

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