Saturday, February 28, 2009

Money Shot!

Lassey James
Location: Nantes, France



Reebok’s 2009 spring/summer in-line collection

I WANT THE PINK ONES! I CALLED IT FIRST BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL just kidding, but I want the pink ones...


Friday, February 27, 2009

Mickey Factz x Honda


My dog Mickey Factz(My new favorite rapper) is killin em! Got a deal with Honda before he got a record deal. I don't care what nobody says about the music biz today, that's beautiful! Go check out the Mickey x Honda website below and download a couple joints I swagger jacked from the site! And if you buy an Accord tell em to send my cut!


Pick up the BASS


zka11/ Clean Collage

Location: Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria
Art Director /

Really nice and clean collage style. A lot of people try this and it looks choppy and scrap board messy to me but, this dude has done it in a seamlessly connected fashion.


Graffiti Arts, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics

Hezekiah Johnny Popcorn

freak ugly did the shirt

johnny popcorn free pre album link below

Johnny Popcorn

My new favorite song...has a video! Cam'Ron "I Used To Get It In Ohio"


I posted the audio a little while is the awesome video!


oh yeah check the prelude to this video

and here is the audio again...I got your back Cam!!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Get Drunk Satudays


Prolly the most crazy spot you can find on a Saturday night - anything can happen!

ps. designed by the freaky mind of Grey Granite

Deceased Rapper + Quilts

RIP for real!
Anne Brenneke makes Quilts with you favorite deceased rapper on them. Very "ok wait... WTF" in my book. I wish she spoke english so I could find out why she choose this topic. ps The only person I could see owning one of these is our very own Heavy Gunner Les! haha!

Anne Brenneke


sorry it aint in english.

So Lame it's Dope... Sprigg's BBQ!

Here's a nice lil' bbq joint ad that is so bad it's amazing! Love that beat! BBQ looks good too. Meat falls off da bone!

J.Dilla Tribute @ The Jazz Kitchen

Here's a couple shots from the J.Dilla Tribute on Wed. It' was good to be amongst friends listening to one of the greatest musicians of our time.



DJ Metrognome and Scott Metalic provided the sonics!


J.Moore had the Donuts on lock...genius!


Super Producer Firearms!



Is that a Coach bag? No. It's a Carol bag.

The Donuts was FIRE! Not "Longs Bakery FIRE" but close.

1/3 of the Dirty Thirty and DJ SaladBar

Real Recognizing Real

Thanx Dilla.

Soul Session Friday


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dope ish that is lame! Number 1

This is a new project that i am going to give to all you Heavy Gun fans. This will be the place to post the things that are so lame that it's dope!

I give you the jump off with......... O.J Da Juiceman (Yes!!!!)

And the funny part is its so lame to me that it has to be dope..... Damn it is dope, LOL! AYE!!!!!!! What do you think?

Flufftronix Dubstep MIX

Opps! sorry Fluff!
I accidentally leaked a song- had to yank it down, it's going on a new album and the record label was not happpy about that.

ok ok this just in!

Pryda vs. Pnau vs. DZ - Baby Bug Stockholm
(Flufftronix Dubstep edit)

HeavyGun Interviews: Com.Dot


You know HeavyGun has much respect for all artist. But, we hold a special place in our hearts for that underground sound.On Saturday I caught up with underground emcee/producer Com.Dot at Azmyth recording Studio. I asked him a few questions about his new project,what the people should expect, and what he thought of the game. Peep the video to see what he had to say about the project among other things. Then, listen to the energetic new single form the his forthcoming EP "Pushin Dope" due out this Spring!

Pushin That Dope - Com.Dot

be on the lookout for the Pushin That Dope J.Brookinz Remix soon....

Bubble Butt remix

I Heard this in the Club the other night and over heard a few people trying to figure out who made this remix so I had to listen to it again- I love this one!

The Fatest Booty!

Croos the Dance Floor

My Fav Fluff Mix Below!

Black Friday

Tobacco's "Dirt" from his recent Anticon release, Fucked Up Friends, is included in the annual "best of" 2CD set put out by venerable Brit indie institution, Rough Trade (available here). The song features Aesop Rock and appears on Counter Culture 08 alongside such notables as Department Of Eagles, Lucky Dragons, HEALTH, and Flying Lotus.

Also, Tobacco has just announced a new album from his band, Black Moth Super Rainbow. Eating Us will be released May 26 and feature production by Dave Fridmann, famous for his work with Flaming Lips. You can hear a medley of clips on the BMSR MySpace page.


Restiform Bodies just debuted a new video: "Black Friday," directed by animator N.O. Bonzo and premiered at the RCRD LBL site. Read their blurb here, and watch the video below.

Restiform Bodies - "Black Friday" from anticon. on Vimeo.

ps. A friend of mine made this- she Lives here in Indy

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

This weeks parties!!!!!!!

Wednesday Feb. 25th I will be @ Spin (6308 Guilford Ave) with my friends DJ Indiana Jones & DJ Orion for "4 Wheel Wednesdays"! No Cover Starts @ 10pm...


Thursday Feb. 26th I will be playing @ Landsharks (810 Broad Ripple Ave.)!
Great music
$5 Goose, $3 Bacardi, Bottle Bailout $100 Goose or Bacardi bottle service!!!
Cover starts @ $3....

Friday Feb. 27th I will be playing @ Loop Bar (8220 Brookville Rd.)
$3.75 3 olives cocktails,
$4.25 1800 silver tequila,
$4.75 1800 select silver!
No Cover!


Saturday Feb. 28th I will be back @ The Upper Room (929 E. Westfield Blvd.)!!!!!!!!
No Cover!!!


I am back Officially!!!!!

The Greatest Story Ever Told by Chase Blaze! The Joey Greco Story!

this is the greatest thing I've EVER seen(and heard)...I used to joke about people (Rocco) being Joey Greccos back in the day...but I never thought about rapping about it!!!

Please some one give Chase Blaze a deal NOW!!! He is one of the great minds of our time!

If Chase Blaze ask you for money...give it to him.

Chase Blaze for President in 2012!!!!

Chase Blaze Myspace

tell him I sent you!!!!!

spotted over at
i hate posting shit from other blogs but i had support this

Cool Kids and Twista

Loungin' - Download Link-Skooda Chose-Mikey Rocks-Twista

http://www. zshare. net/audio/5606831301c330fe/



DOPE COUTURE "JETSETTERS " collection - rumor has it that only 6 accounts in the US will receive this collection . . . these will sell out quickly, so don' t wait if U want one!!!

Jay Dilla Tribute




I know we here at HeavyGun try to expose you to music that magically turns you into the smartest, coolest person to ever live.But...sometimes I just want to listen to a rapper talk about selling drugs, killing people and busting down hoes. I'm sorry. Sometimes I think I take music too seriously. It's not. That being said. I present to you. Cam'Ron "I Used To Get It In Ohio"

Download Cam'Ron "I Used To Get It In Ohio"

I can't pass up posting a song with Cam shouting out Indiana! Awesome!

"Malcolm X /tell a white bitch I want my toes sucked!" - Cam'ron

Monday, February 23, 2009

Words and... The Knife.

Words are just words, just sounds at the root. We choose to attach whatever meaning WE see fit. Assume positive intent and give people the benefit of the doubt. It's a good rule. Don't judge. One comment gives you no real insight into anything at all. We tend to think we know more than we actually do. 

Now... with that, I give you one of the most alluring, bold, exotic, eerie and amazing videos I've ever seen. It's by a group called "The Knife." They hale from Sweden and are known for their anti-commerical views, rejection of mainstream media and covering their faces with bird masks when they appear in public. Not wanting to be judged by anything other than their music and their art. Cheers. My hat is off.

If you watch this video in its entirety, it really speaks to the notion of bravery. Breaking down barriers and truly having an open mind even when something makes you uncomfortable. I hope this speaks to you the way it speaks to me. Thanks to Tasha for showing me this. Truly a beautiful piece of work. 

The Knife... Pass This On.
Give it up for the steel drums. 

Everything's amazing, nobody's happy...

comedian Louis CK on Conan

Watch more SpikedHumor videos on AOL Video

My President's a Chimp?

Click below for the story:


so wrong... so disgustingly wrong.

New Yeah Yeah Yeahs...Who? Ask Grey.


Here's the new single "Zero" from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs album "It's Blitz" I've never been a fan but this song is decent. I like how the song builds. And her voice isn't as annoying as I remember. I give it the go pass.

Zero - Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Charles Hamilton Diss Record/RHYMEFEST


Supersonic (Chucky Cheese)

Fest even explains why he had to go at this kid. I wouldn't. The only reason why anybody knows who this brat is his Aunt is Mc Lyte.

Charles Hamilton Diss Record EXPLAINED:
First of all, this whole thing between me and Chucky Cheese began last Halloween when I invited him on stage to a cipher for a show at Madison College where he was my opening act. He grabs the mic, turns to me and challenges me to.... link to RhymeFest blog