Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mega Man x Puma





917 Lo-Mega

Grey. These are for you homie.


7 Acts 3 DeeJays 5 Birthdays 1 Night


Sebastien, Guy-manuel

Sebastien Tellier - Kilometer from Lucky Number Music on Vimeo.




Alena Nikiforova
Rostov-on-Don, Russia
Photography, Advertising, Fashion


hair and make-up -Louisa Potapova
photographer-Alena Nikiforova


you need more psych

Live international psych mix from bay area boys DJ MAKossa and Deejay OM. This mix was recorded at their monthly called AFREAKA! If you live in the area go! Enjoy!
AFREAKA! is a monthly night of rare psychedelic beats and heavy grooves from around the globe combined with psychedelic and sexploitation cinema (often in 3D with 3D glasses provided) where DJs sychronize the music to match the visuals creating a surreal experience. AFREAKA! is free and occurs every first Wednesday of the month at the Attic in the Mission district of San Francisco. It is hosted by DJ MAKossa and Deejay OM with guests that specialize in rare psych records; a night exclusive to vinyl for an authentic psychedelic analog sound.

The Attic
3336 24th St. (between Mission and Valencia)
San Francisco, CA 94110


Deejay OM AFREAKA! pt. 1
Dj MAKossa AFREAKA! pt.2

Trash Yourself x The Toxic Avenger - Die


New dancefloor heat from Trash Yourself and Toxic Avenger! The song is called Die! This shit goes pretty hard.Stop wasting time and download this NOW! Check out the video below for the live performance of Die @ Glo 4 in Denver.


Click the picture below to download Die!

Trash Yourself on Myspace

MF DOOM Contest Winner!!!


Congrats Melissa! You are the winner of the DOOM contest! We'll contact you via e-mail and send your album right away. Thanks to all of the people that entered! The response was crazy!
Don't worry we'll have more contests coming soon!

What blog loves you like Heavygun?

don't forget you can win 2 tickets to the upcoming Villians show April 16...details here.

Monday, March 30, 2009

I'm Cracking Up!

Brock Davis

Minneapolis, MN, United States
Art Direction, Design, Illustration




Just insane! Magazines are back.

Via: hypebeast

Check each individual page here!

Kids at the Bar REMIXES!


Check out some dope remixes from Oklahoma City duo Kids at the Bar.

Passion Pit - Sleepyhead (Kids At The Bar Remix)http://www.zshare.net/audio/5683977452969dbd/
Glasnost - Static (Kids At The Bar Remix)
Data - Rapture (Kids At The Bar Remix)

Kids At The Bar are currently working on several new remixes and a soon to be released e.p. They have DJed along sides such electro/dance acts as Toxic Avenger, Franki Chan, Trash Yourself!, Klever, The Glamour, and Paparazzi.

Kids at the Bar

MF DOOM contest ends TODAY!!!


The DOOM contest ends at Midnight!!!

Here's Your Chance To Win (MF) Doom's New Album "Born Like This. All you have to do is send an e-mail to heavygunblog@yahoo.com with your name. We'll be selecting a (random)winner on Mon. March 31 2009.Good Luck!

Nearest Nova x C-Rayz Walz "Whiskey Mechanics"



The homie Enock Root (of Nearest Nova) slid me an exclusive joint for the HeavyGunners. The song is a collab between the Nova Brothers and Mr. C-Rayz Walz called "Whiskey Mechanics". It's off of Walz newly released album "Who The Fuck Are You" which you can purchase here (hint hint).

Check It Out!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Shamwow guy wipes down a hooker!?!

Man, this dude was just warming up...shame...damn shame. Man, stop trickin!Keith had a field-day with this story!

"I don't know, it sells itself!"


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Exile ft. DJ Day - Dope Man

Exile and DJ Day doing their “Dope Man” routine for Exile’s Seattle “Radio” Release Party this past March 14th @ Nectar Lounge.



Play your own Daft Punk here iDaft!

This some fun shit. Brookinz I know you will love this!

Friday, March 27, 2009



All you have to do is send an e-mail to heavygunblog@yahoo.com with your name and mailing address. The winner will be selected randomly and announced on Mon. April 13, 2009.

Villains - Alliance :: Los Angeles, CA (Electro)

With a string of successful official remixes for the likes of Bloc Party, N.A.S.A., and Britney Spears, the Villains are preparing to step from underground dance music right into mainstream pop and everyone’s iPods this year. Their production style has been described as a “blissfully stuttery electro-funk strut.” Having terrorized the west coast for the past 2 years, Villains are about to bring their trademark electro mayhem to Indianapolis with a DJ set unlike any other heard in the city before.

Villains - Second Offense
Villains vol 1. Ft Whiskey Pete

for more info click here or check the links below



This is the Movie that he got the concept from (A MUST SEE) this was a uber dope video! Hell Caps prolly still paying for this video!
hard boiled + the killer + a better tomorrow = best action ever!


I know what Kanye's next video will look like...


In February 2008 the TV network Cuatro commissioned us to make a project for the design and creation of the UEFA Euro 2008's promotional pieces, with the following inputs: robots, football and superheroes.With these premises, the creative teams from Kotoc and Cuatro, created a campaign consisting of small sequences in which extreme football, action and science fiction merge. After 3 months of both creative and production work, this is the result.

Nominated at PROMAX'2009.

LAUS Nomination 2009.

CUATROBOTS - Ocaso | Kotoc from kotoc on Vimeo.

CUATROBOTS - Cementerio | Kotoc from kotoc on Vimeo.

CUATROBOTS - MakingOf | Kotoc from kotoc on Vimeo.


HEAVYGUN CONTEST!!! Win Doom "Born Like This"


OK Gunners! Here's Your Chance To Win (MF) Doom's New Album "Born Like This. All you have to do is send an e-mail to heavygunblog@yahoo.com with your name and mailing address. We'll be selecting a (random)winner on Mon. March 30 2009.Good Luck!


Thursday, March 26, 2009



Grey Granite gets the real talk "Phenom"

I think I met Phenom when I hosted that Lupe Fiasco show.... well anyway the kid was on his way up then and in just a few short months it seems he has worked his way to the top. His Sneak Attack parties are huge- they draw people from IL, KY, and IN and it gets crazy! I had to find out what he attributes all this success to and what 90's TV sitcom he was on when he was a kid (read on to find out).

HG: So PHENOM you’re the youngest in charge huh? Your making big noise to be so new and young at this what do you attribute your success to?

It really is tough for me to rationalize how all the positivity has turned into success. In my opinion I think just busting my ass and staying focused always trying to find different angles and different concepts for getting the job done seems to help. I've come to realize that people associate the midwest with anything BUT electronic music, I like to give those people my business card.

HG (Grey): Where did the name PHENOM come from?

A good friend of mine threw a party about 3 years ago and I offered to dj it. At the time I didn't know much about turntables, serato, or anything of that nature so I just took my collection of iTunes tracks and played off there all night. Apparently the 300+ people there enjoyed what they heard, staying around until the cops showed up. My friend seemed to enjoy what he heard and told me that it was Phenomenal following that sentence up by saying if you don't have a dj name you should use Phenom. I had nothing honestly and just assumed it would be something fun to do so I kept the name and still go by it. Every day I try to make up other dj names for myself; some funny, some random, and some just utterly stupid but in the end I'm kind of happy with my name on all the flyers that have been put out there so I don't really want to start fresh under a different moniker. Also I should probably not that I in no way condone djing a party off of iTunes, despite the fact that there are "turntable docks" that hold two iPods. Serato or real records are the way to go.

HG (Grey): He Knew what was up! Its a good name it fits you!

HG (Grey): If you could crack any artist in the face with a pool stick who'd it be?

Hahahahah thats actually a really good question. I'm probably the most laid back person, I would only probably fight someone that tried to hurt someone close to me, I always get weirded out by people fighting in public settings where alcohol is involved.

HG (Grey): So you do the Sneak Attack parties, for people that have been yet how would you describe what they are missing?

Well, I think its a combo between excellent talent on the turntables and great people coming out to make these parties really fun.

I'm not going to say you should come out, I would simply advice you to look at the pictures of the shows and let them persuade you.

HG (Grey): I'll say It! "you should come out to SNEAK ATTACK!"

5. What are your two favorite songs to drop on the dance floor right now?

Gosh great question. Probably La Roux's In For The Kill (Skream's Let's Get Ravy Mix) or Benga-Night

HG (Grey): I can't believe you said "Gosh"- haha!

HG (Grey): Is there a song lyric stuck in your head now?

There are so many, usually hip hop lines that I just like to spout off for fun, like tellin someone to Juke Them Hoes or something like that haha. Hip hop is good for that, you can never really crack jokes with indie rock lyrics unfortunately.

HG (Grey): yeah I remember back in the day I had Craig Macks lyric stuck for like 4 months, "Ya crazy like the glue, to think that you could out do my one to, ya sick like the flu."

HG (Grey): Have you ever eating at the Tibetan snow lion (I think that's what it's called)? Where is your favorite place to eat?

I have actually, that place is most excellent, don't order a 5 in hotness for your meal though, it will light your ass on fire. (see, back to quoting hip hop lyrics ha) I think one of my favorite places to eat in Bloomington is probably Farm, since all the food is organic it's def the best meal anyone can purchase.

HG (Grey): hmmm gota try that next time I'm there- during store hours (lol).

HG (Grey): Name a TV show in the 90's that you wish you were on.

Step By Step, seems like a wild bunch to party with.

HG (Grey): wow. I never would have guessed that one!

HG (Grey): So what is your plan for the rest of this year?

Not too sure what the rest of the year is going to bring me, I'm starting a new side project under the alias of The Thomas Crown Affair so hopefully there will be a release or two under that. I'll also be scheming a few out of town gigs for the summer and maybe lining up a mini tour or weekly party in another town.


Start Time:

Friday, March 27, 2009 at 10:30pm
End Time:
Saturday, March 28, 2009 at 2:30am
Le Petit Cafe
308 W 6th St (Just off the square downtown)
Bloomington, IN

Were the Wild Things Are Trailer

Directed by Spike Jonze. This is going to REALLY good....*ahem*...for kids...yeah...for kids. I also like the Arcade Fire song playing in the background. And the fact that the monsters aren't (100%) CG. If the monsters were all CG this would suck. CG killed more movies than it saved (star wars I-III, the hulk,watchmen,SPIDER MAN,etc..).
Thanks Spike.

Quick Questions: Fast and the Curious

Who is watching these Fast and Furious movies?

NEW Punch-Out!!! footage from GDC!

Ok.I'm pretty geeked about this game now. Here's some of the new features.

  • old-style nes controls and motion controls supported
  • balance board support
  • the pink jumpsuit returns
  • head-to-head multiplayer
  • 13 world-class fighters

entering the ring May 18

Upper Playground Adds Graffiti Supplies to Its Online Store



from the official press release:

For ten years, Upper Playground has supported independent artists from thestreets to the galleries. Recognized as a catalyst for the fusion of fineart and fashion, Upper Playground has worked with some of today’s leadingcontemporary artists. Now, Upper Playground is giving you the tools tomake your mark on society. We’ve expanded our online store to include anew department: Graffiti Supplies. Carrying only the finest qualitysupplies, Upper Playground is proudly carrying Montana Colors includingHardcore, Nitro, MTN 94 and Pocket. In addition, Upper Playground iscarrying Krink Markers, Dabbers, Steel Tip Markers and Black Mop. TheMontana and Krink supplies are available only on the Upper Playground webstore.

for more infoeep the link below

shout out to all the graf writers making the world beautiful

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

90 Lbs. Black Album Remix

Hip Hop is alive and well in the city of Indianapolis. Peep these dope remixes out by my local hero 90 Lbs. Keep your heads up for The Delicious EP comming soon!!

December 4th (90 lbs remix).mp3 - 90 LBs.

Encore (90 lbs remix) - 90 LBs.

PHARRELL can't even get a Big Mac @ Breakfast time and he's RICH!

"We Fight / We Love REMIX" Q-Tip Feat. Consequence and Kanye West


"We Fight / We Love REMIX"

Q-Tip, Consequence and Kanye West are back in the lab working together. This is just the beginning!




We Are Hex - The Big Easy from nathan KARAMANSKI on Vimeo.

Click the Link Below (wearehex.com)To Listen To The WHole Album!

ps. Grey's Fav song is "Serious Seditives" check it out!

What you deserve to KNOW

Of Great Importance!
This was one of our first post here at HeavyGun and I feel It needed to be revisited due to the large response on the post "The Obama Deception". This Documentary breaks down the reason behind all the confusion and destruction.
ps. I has a lame long intro jump right to 04:05

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bottle Bailout Thursdays @ Landsharks


Ludacris & Shawnna "Everybody Drunk as Fuck!"


Everybody Drunk as Fuck!

Ludacris & Shawnna are teaming up for a collaboration album entitled "Battle of the Sexes".
The jump off single “Everybody Drunk As Fuck” can be heard in the clip above.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Da'Mutha F'n Mayor / Interview


Grey Granite of HeavyGun Recently caught up with the most BadAss Photographer around and since we are all about BadAssery we had to get more info.

speaks to HeavyGun

HG: How would Andy and Annie Skinner
A2 describe what you do?
Andy has said that I capture the events we are @ better than he can remember them his self!

HG: In your opinion what makes a good photo?
Having a really good subject matter, whether that be a concert are just a person standing in a good environment. I love pictures that tell a story with out you really having to be there. That' what I always try and capture at least!
I also love chaos in photo's! So the more of that the better!

HG: How long have you had an interest in photography? And, what was the weirdest photo shoot you have been on?
Since I think I was little, as I was always staring @ pictures trying to make up little stories about them. But I've been shooting them since I was like 14 years old. Weird to me was having to shoot for Nascar truck racing. Everything else I do is normal to me. I've shot dead animals to funerals to nudity and everything in between but the Nascar truck racing thing was just weird I did not dig it @ all!!!!

HG: When you were a kid what was the hardest lesson for you to learn?
To shut up and listen. I've been a punk since birth and I think I still fight the system!


HG: Since you’re a visual artist I bet you have great taste in movies, give me a run down of 3 must see movies that I might not have seen.
"EVERYTHING'S ILLUMINATED" great cinematography",ROMANCE AND CIGARETTES",a John Turturro movie with Steve Buscemi,James Gandolfini,Susan Sarandon,Kate Winslet,Christopher Walken need I say more!!???!!! (Its a very odd musical though) "CASHBACK" about an artist who can't sleep from a break up."PARIS JE T'AIME 19 directors and an all star cast . its made up of 15 minute stories by all the directors. "MILLIONS" one of Danny Boyles films if you don't know who that is I'll give you a hint Slumdog Millionaire or Transpotting. "THE HOST" a great korean monster movie! "SUKIYAKI WESTERN DJANGO" a Takashi Mike film. This is one of Japans greatest directors the colors of this film are amazing! I could go on for ever but that's a few of them for ya!

HG: hmmm haven't seen Romance and cigs (musical.. might be why), Cashback (sounds dope), Paris Jet, Millions (man, I'm glad I asked this question!), The Host, now that movie J. Brookinz told me it was dope, I just havent seen it yet. I have and love that Django joint- BEAUTIFUL!

HG: Describe the look and attitude that represents your personal style/photography style
Left are right of center and bold! I go back and forth between black and white and color. I feel black and white works best for events and color for my portrait stuff.

HG: Is there an album that won't leave the car right now? And, what was the last cd you gave to someone and said, "You haven't heard this yet? Here take it!"
Matt And Kim "Grand" I love how bubble gummy there music is! HMMMM let me see,I think that would have been the new Bloc Party album "Intamacy"

HG: I like that Bloc Party CD actually went to Indy CD and Vinyl and bought it. But, I like the first one way way better!


HG: What would be the dopest shoot location for you?
That fire that happened last week downtown would have been awesome to have shot one of the girls I use for a photo with that in the back ground! But probably Hong Kong for all the lights!

HG: What is the most important thing you want people to know and understand about what you do?
I just want every one to enjoy my photos. One of the main reasons I do it is because I want what we do to be documented. One of my favorite photographers is Glenn E. Freidman, he shot the start of all the things I truly love. He shot the Z-Boys skateboarding team,Run Dmc,Beastie Boys,Ice T all the rappers before it blew up! He even was there for my favorite group Minor Threat and all that hard core scene when it started. So basically I'm trying to leave that same mark for us here in Naptown!

HG: Wow thats dope. Just what we need here. There are some amazing things going on.

HG: How can people learn more?
Look @ photographs from people like David Lachappelle,Anton Corbain,Glenn E. Friedman,Or Terry Richardson. All photographers I love our you can check out my flickr page @ flickr.com/photos/gregthemayor other than that just ask me!


All the Best under One on Fire Roof


Wale Ft. Lady Gaga - “Chillin’”



Produced by: Cool N Dre

This is the first single off of Wale's album titled: "Attention: Deficit". It should drop sometime this year.

4 stars!

Complex Magazine April/May Issue feat. Kanye West


Kanye West makes a robotic, futuristic (George Jetson) appearance on the cover of Complex Magazine for their April/May issue. The imagery was co-created with photographer/director Chris Milk and Kanye himself. Check the video below!

Complex April/May issue is expected to hit newsstands April 7th, 2009.

Unkle "Heaven" (Video)

I miss the days when I was younger skating with my brother and friends! (RIP Brent David Walsh)

Spike Jonze thank you for bringing back the memories!

BlackBerry Jam does the 80's!