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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Lupe Fiasco - Enemy of the State Mixtape (Free Download)

What!?! Lupe delivers a new mixtape on Thanksgiving. I have no doubt this is going to be a banger. Download it here. NOW!!!!

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Delicious Vinyl DJ App

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
First iPhone Game With A Live DJ Experience Features Touch Screen Scratching

Delicious Vinyl DJ puts anyone with an iPhone inside the DJ booth and behind the decks cutting and scratching across the greatest golden era hip-hop tracks ever! Don’t just play along with the song, bust a move out of the living room and work that cut! Get the party started anywhere! Match multi-colored notes as they flow down the screen; trigger scratches on two turntables with a thumb twist or tap a button on the mixer in time with the music to score points. Just like a real DJ, increased accuracy determines how fresh and tight the mix will sound and gets you more points! Delicious Vinyl DJ delivers the party to wherever you are – no peripherals or add-ons necessary!

More information at 

Monday, November 23, 2009

Chales Hamilton is back.

Ok. So after almost a 5 month hiatus and dropping one of the best albums this year IMO Mr. Hamilton is ready to re-emerge. Here's the new joint from the forthcoming album "The Normalcy Project" Ladies and gents...

Black Friday!

Final Fridays! November 27th at the Upper Room. Action Jackson & special guest VIP J of the Cool Kids!

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Supra Skytop II has been released today. Limited to only 600 pairs worldwide, the sneaker has hit colette. The store has also hosted a Chad Muska signing session today. You can purchase it now online here.

The Right Touch.

Cryssy Cheung
New York, NY, United States

"Keep It Goin' Louder"

Second official video for Major Lazer's "Keep It Goin' Louder," featuring Diplo, Nina Sky, Ricky Blaze, and some nightmare mutant biker girls. I'm assuming this is another Eric Wareheim production

Keep It Goin' Louder

Major Lazer | MySpace Music Videos

Nike Robot Blazer

by Gabriel Dishaw
Sculptural assemblage constructed from discarded materials, as glass, scrap metal, plastic, and wood.
Gabriel Dishaw specializes in high end junk sculptures ranging from as small as a figurine to larger than six feet tall. With experience as early as mid 1990's, Gabriel has designed and created many Junk Sculptures.

Friday, November 20, 2009


01. Deep Space (Jay Da Flex & Yoof Remix)
02. New Year Banga (Rogue Star Remix)
03. Street Corners (Scuba Scythe Remix)
04. Love Don’t Cost (A Thing)/Still Grimey (Nebulla & Dore Remixes)
05. Knuckle Up (Matt U Remix)
06. Biochemical Equation (Datsik & Excision Remix)
07. Keep Hustlin (Trillbass Remix)
08. Now Or Never (Parson Remix)
09. Cinema (Chimpo Remix)
10. Coke (DZ Remix)
11. Iconoclasts (Syndaesia & AKS Remix)
12. Handle The Heights (Stenchman Remix)
13. Do It Big (Baobinga & I’d Remix)
14. Wu-Tang (DZ Remix)
15. Let’s Get It (Evol Intent Remix)
16. Lyrical Swords (Pawn Remix)
17. Think Differently (Hellfire Machina Remix)
18. Pencil/MyPiano/Firehouse (Soroka Remixes)
19. Alphabets (Dakimh Instrumental Remix)

N.A.S.A. "Spacious Thoughts" (feat. Tom Waits & Kool Keith)

This is the stuff I am learning right now. So Dope!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

J.Brookinz EP "RE:Visionz" on ITUNES Dec 8th!!!


OK Gunners! J.Brookinz (Me) is releasing his (my) highly anticipated debut on ITunes DEC. 8TH!!! I'm going up agaist a couple heavyweights (Game, The Clipse, Snoop Dogg,etc...) so here's the plan. We're all going to tell everybody we know to buy Re:Visionz on Itunes so I can be the #1 Release on Itunes. Easy, right? Cool. And as a bonus I would also like to be a trending topic on twitter. So get your hash tags ready (#jbrookinz ) You can consider all of this a early Christmas gift.

*crosses fingers*

TJ Reynolds "Humpback"


A picture is worth a thousand words. With that being said how could this song NOT be a jam. Check out "Humpback", a trippy new jam from TJ Reynolds (Renaissance Man). And make sure you go see the video premier at Earth House this weekend, Sat. night!!! (flyer below)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"Bow so hard that yo knees hit your forehead!"

I hate to shed more light on these bowing controversies but it's so hilarious to me. People really give my man Obama a hard time. It's not even fair.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

"Gary is a Robot"

 AmpLive feat. Trackademicks & Mr. Micro -





PONYREX is a synth rock band based in Guadalajara, México.
I'm all about "Hollograms" right now but here are a few REMIXES. Much love to Fer Estévez at for putting me on to these dude!

Download it now!
Hello Seahorse! - Bestia (PONYREX Remix)
Technicolor Fabrics - Render (PONYREX Remix)

Christian Nauck

Berlin, Germany

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Cliffhangers:The bane of my exsitence!!!


Ok gunners time for more randomness. For years I've had a DEEP DARK SECRET. I've been too ashamed to tell even my BEST friends. Quick back story...As a youngin, my brother and I used to spend every summer at my grandmothers house. We would climb trees, terrorize the neighborhood children (because we were unruly city folk), and destroy anything in our paths. But our favorite past time was watching countless hours of television. At 11PM every week day we could hear our grandparents in the back room enjoying their favorite program, The Price Is Right. For the first couple of times we just ignored their festivities and continued to watch MTV (back when they played videos). But, one day we decided to see what all the fuss was about with this Price Is Right thing. We weren't prepared for aftermath. This show was AWESOME! It was like a gameshow on crack with a pimp as the host. The contestants were awesome (but kinda clueless) the prizes were great, and the ladies were fly! It taught us everything a young lad needed to learn on way to manhood . Needless to say we were hooked. Then came that fateful day when I saw something that changed my life forever. CLIFFHANGERS. Everything about this game was wrong. Here's the premise.

The contestant is shown a two-digit prize and asked to bid on it. If they bid the actual price, the mountain climber stays where he is. Otherwise, the climber moves up the mountain, advancing along the scale the number of dollars away the contestant's bid is from the actual price. To give an element of suspense to the game, the actual price is not revealed until after the climber has moved, so that the contestant and audience will not know how far he will travel. If the climber remains on the mountain, the contestant wins that small prize.

The process is repeated for two more two-digit prizes, generally of increasing value. The climber continues from the point at which he stopped for the previous prize. If the contestant's bids are a total of $25 or less away from the actual prices of the prizes (i.e., if the climber does not go over the cliff), the contestant wins all three small prizes and the grand prize. If the climber goes over the cliff at any point, the game ends. (via wiki)

Really??? If the contestant "loses" a man falls to his death??? Something about this didn't sit right with me. I mean "What did this guy do to deserve this??? And what's with this music??? So misleading. The music totally doesn't set the mood for what is taking place. A man has pretty good chance of falling off a cliff and you're yodeling ??? I don't know about you but that's fugged up to me! I refused to watch that game afterward but it still stuck with me. I could hear that haunting yodeling in my nightmares. And to this day, every time I hear yodeling I cringe. I heard that same yodeling today when I was walking past the television. I stopped dead in my tracks. I had all of these old emotions coming back. It had been over fifteen years since I heard that blood curdling chant but it felt like I was a kid again. I was forced to turn off the TV. There's a special place in hell for whoever created that sick and twisted game. -end rant-

This is just sick.

save yourself the trouble and skip to :53

cookin' soul presents new york state of mind

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Clipse- Doorman (Video)

Clipse - Doorman Music Video - Til The Casket Drops Dec 8 from Malice of the Clipse on Vimeo.

The Clipse are coming...are you still excited? I am. Here's another street single from " Before The Casket Drops" In stores Dec. 8th

GREY GRANITE x Kidz in the Hall x Warren G x UNI TONIGHT! @ the Vouge


Catch HeavyGunner Grey Granite play @ the Vogue @ 8 PM!!!

Dublab’s Secondhand Sureshots

Secondhand Sureshots (Deluxe Super Set)
Exclusive pre-order. Ship date: December 1st

DVD Secondhand Sureshots the film
RECORD 12-inch Picture Disc, original music by Daedelus, J-Rocc, Nobody and Ras G, plus a megamix by Kutmah
SLIPMATS Left & Right.
SLEEVES Hand-screened gatefold LP sleeves individually printed by Hit+Run

Here's the short and sweet...

Secondhand Sureshots is a filmed experiment in creative sound recycling. Dublab Dublab directors Bryan “Morpho” Younce & Mark "frosty" McNeill sent beatmakers Daedelus, Nobody, J.Rocc and Ras G on safari into L.A. thrift stores with orders to make new music out of five finds while the cameras filmed the whole process. The result is a mini-documentary about putting new life into old vinyl. Over 2 hours of footage, music & bonus material.

Secondhand Sureshots will be released Feb. 9, 2010 as DVD & CD, distributed by Stones Throw. Today on our web store we present the exclusive Secondhand Sureshots Deluxe Super Set.

The Deluxe Super Set is a true sound and vision experiment. Dublab scoured Southern California and rescued 500 gatefold LP covers from dusty thrift store bin obscurity. Our graphic friends at Hit+Run took the covers and screen-printed them by hand, making new visual masterpieces to house the first public release of Secondhand Sureshots. Stuffed in this package is all-exclusive material sampled and shredded into new forms fine-tuned to blow your mind. We hope it inspires you to make your own creative gems and jams!"

Bonus MP3:
"J.Rocc “Secondhand Sureshots” from the Secondhand Sureshots picture disc.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Tomorrows Living

Trillions - History of Computing

Watch this! Your FUTURE depends on it.

BlackRoc!?! (Mos Def, Jim Jones, and The Black Keys)

Here's a video from the most unlikely combo EVAR! And guess 's pretty decent! BlacRoc is a collab of Mos Def, Jim Jones, and The Black Keys. I would never say this would work on paper but weirder things have happened. I can't wait to hear more.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

HeavyGun Interviews BRMF Beat Battle Champion Firearms

Firearms and Lil Firearms

HeavyGun recently interviewed the winner of the first HeavyGun x BRMF Beat Battle: Firearms. If you heard the name (or the music) you know that this man is serious about his craft. Get to know the man behind some of the hottest (no pun intended) beats and rhymes I've ever heard!

the questions...

1. Did you have a strategy going into the battle?

Firearms: Kill shit and play dope ass beats. Wasnt expecting to win though...just wanted to make a lil noise. I was only confident about the Can sample round...I knew if I made it that far I would get through that round. In the final round I was thinkin Harvey was gon murder my shit hahahah....somehow I came out on top though. Mad props to my bro Joe Harvey...he inspired alot of production from me.

2.Describe your style of production?

My style is what I call "not having a style" lol....whatever im feeling or whatever an artist requests is what gets done. I have damn near every type of beat. I go thru phases...right now im choppin samples alot. My last phase was straight down south beats. I pride myself on steppin out my comfort zone and re-creating my "style"...

3.You are a emcee/producer. Is it easy to rap over your own beats?

Firearms: Man im not tryna brag or boast, but, real talk, its easy to rap over ALL beats...once I catch the flow, I GO. I will say its easier to rap over beats that I DONT get that feeling inside me(the chills that tell you YOU GOTTA spit on this) with than it is the ones I do...if I feel it in my soul I feel like I gotta live up to my own expectations of what a track thats perfect should sound like.

4.Lil Firearms was in the building at the battle. Did he give you any advice for the battle?

Firearms: lol...funny you ask...before the final round started I asked Lil Homie pick a number...he said 16. After me and Harvey played our first 2 tracks and they was screamin 1 more round I couldnt decide what to play. So I was like fuck it im playing 16...thats the joint that won the battle for me and I didnt realize till after it was over that is was the track Lil Feeray said play from jumpstreet. Dudes a genius hahahaha

5.For the sample round what Can song did you sample? Was it difficult?

Firearms: Its a track off their "Soon Over Babaluma" album called "Dizzy Dizzy". Man I was choppin up the samp on the ASR10 coming up with some dope ideas. Threw them all out, and the morning of the battle @ 2am I started workin on the beat. I stayed up till 730am workin on it perfecting it. I wouldnt say it was difficult, just complex because of the way I chopped it and filtered the guitar sounds. Either way hard work payed off...

The Champ is here!!!

6.What's next for Firearms?

My album "The Cure", more beats, more collabs, Beat Mafia, etc. I just wanna grow musically. Take it to the level it used to be on when it had SOUL.

7: Shout outs?

Firearms: First and foremost SHOUTS to heavygunblog and everyone involved with it, my P.I.C. Son of Thought, the MAF, Axehand, Tornado Alley, Cutboxxx, all the producers in the battle, Joe Harvey, Dola, Alpha, ComDot, BFAM, Flight City, ScumBag BillionHeirs, MY SON, the judges from the battle(alph, A.I., Hellhammer and Lex)...and everybody who came out. That was a good day in HIP HOP and we needed that. NAP IS ALIVE. PEACE.

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Party People!

My main man Scott Matelic's new EP dropped today. Cop it at these fine retailers, Turntablelab, Junodownload, Amazon, Itunes! Tomorrow we're celebrating & poppin bottles!

J.Brookinz The Fynal Countdown ft Illy and Grey Granite / NEW LINK


Shwayze/Fan packed performance at the US Surf Open

Shwayze Perform "Get U Home" Live At US Surf Open
US Surf Open Performance in Huntington Beach,CA!

Shwayze Assets:

Shwayze MySpace:

Shwayze Official Site:

Kill Hannah - New York City Speed (Kids At The Bar Remix)

Click Here to Download Song

Whiz Kid! wiz khalifa

Click Here to Download the MixtapePhotobucket

Monday, November 2, 2009


HeavyGunXRAD Summer definitely made some noise the other night. Big thanks to all of you who came out and were involved with the ruckus! BIG THANKS to Hannah&Yaz @ The Murphy,also BIG THANKS to Brad Pickens Design for the dope ass photos.